Having to keep this hush-hush during production, we are now thrilled to share our Twilight Zone Super Bowl promo for the upcoming reboot with Jordan Peele, premiering on CBS All Access. With the internet all atwitter immediately after it aired, the video racked up over 1M views in under a day.

Directed by Ric Serena with sound design by Durand Trench, PB’s mysterious score alludes throughout to the iconic Twilight Zone theme, culminating at the end with the original theme as we all know it.


PB, Emoto partner/composer and lead singer of Opus Orange, will be taking stage with The Emy Reynolds Band tomorrow, August 9th 2014, for the third annual Lissie and Friends Concert at The Libbey Bowl in Ojai, California.  Also performing will be Todd Hannigan, Sleeping Chief, special guest Dasha, and Lissie herself.  The event benefits Changing Tides Orphanage in Haiti.

First gates open at 6pm.  For more information about the event and where to purchase tickets click here!