Many of you have attended one of our shows or screenings with Emoto artist, Opus Orange, but did you know Google has licensed “Almost There” (featuring Lauren Hillman) for an 8 week campaign promoting Google Hangout?

Did you also know PB of Opus Orange or any of the other exclusive Emoto artists or composers can work directly with you in your office, editorial suite or cubicle on your own private cyber-session using Google Hangout – he already has.


G-Mail “Circleback”


Opus Orange will be performing in Davis June 21st at Davis Music Festival and in Sacramento June 22nd at Witch Room

The Santa Monica based band is taking a quick weekend trip to Davis in late June to perform for Davis Music Festival 2014!  The following day, they will split the stage with The Memories and Sonny & The Sunsets at Witch Room in Sacramento.

Check out more information about the shows and how to get tickets by clicking either photo or linked venue name above.

We can’t wait to see you all there!