John Adair Scores BridgeWalkers

Emoto is excited to announce the upcoming premiere of  the documentary ‘BridgeWalkers‘ produced and released by One River Productions, with music by Emoto’s John Adair! Check out the trailer above!

Premise: “As our relationship to Earth travels down a dangerous path, it has become clear that we cannot sustain the stress of our modern ways. On a quest to restore balance, Tribal Leaders from around the world gather in Greenland to witness the coming of a 20,000-year-old prophecy. Surrounded by melting ice caps, Spiritual Leaders from the four corners of the Earth share the wisdom, prophecies and ceremonies of their ancestors. In an unprecedented gathering, they remember the wounds of the past and embrace the spirit that has endured. Together they reveal a message that can give hope to the next seven generations. Walk with them and discover ancient knowledge long forgotten. Listen to the wisdom of their ancestors. Feel their connection to Mother Earth. Stand with these extraordinary “BridgeWalkers” around the Sacred Fire as they bridge the mind to the heart, the heart to the land, and the land to the one human family!”

-Upcoming Showings-
Red Nation Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA – USA
November 10, 2013
Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival
Vancouver, Canada
SFU Cinema, 149 West Hastings